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IMPORTANT: Software Download needed to create

your photobook requires Internet Explorer Browser

Chrome is not supported



Photobook Software Installation

You will only need to do this once.
Make sure you are using Internet Explorer first.
1) Install Rocketlife photobook software by clicking on the "Photobooks Software Download Here" button below
2) Follow the online screen prompts.


Choose the photobooks icon, create your 6x8 book, and follow prompts to insert your "CODE" after the creation of your free 20 page photobook upon checkout for the full discount. Simply pay for shipping and handling costs.

You may wish to pay for additional copies.


Start creating your book. There are several YouTube videos on this site as well as a general tour to help you. See the sample screen grabs below.

Website screen grabs

Photobook Help

Important: Photobook software requires Internet Explorer Browser - Chrome is not supported

Photobook Coupon Card found with your reorder form

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