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Thank you for being an Added Touch Photo customer!

Online Ordering Tips

  • To purchase your photos online, locate the access code found on the order form or postcard delivered to you by us to your school/association.                                           


  • If you do not have an order form or postcard notice, please contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.



  • There may/or may not be a due date found on your order form or postcard.


  • Please note: Orders filled on or before the due date will be delivered to the school/association within 14 business days from the due date.


  • Orders filled after the due date are subject to shipping and handling fees


  • After due date, orders will be mailed to the address you have specified within 4-6 weeks via Canada Post.


  • You may order for more than one student from the same job/school. Click "keep shopping" and enter another shoot key for the next child.  Proceed to checkout.


  • If ordering for more than one student but from a different job/school, you need to place the order separately.

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