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At Added Touch Photo, we encourage you to celebrate your athletic achievements.
We will schedule photo days on location at your gym and photograph all groups and individual events.



We take individual photos of every gymnast performing each of their events on location at your gym.



Gather your classmates and instructors for a wonderful keepsake. Group photos are taken of each class.



Action photos and podium photos

taken during your gymnastics competition are available for viewing on-site or online.



Dynamic photos that capture
the graceful feeling of movement,

offered to advanced and competitive gymnasts.

Unique Keepsakes

Highlight your talent with a beautiful montage or border

In addition to photo packages, Added Touch Photo offers a wealth of unique products to suit all needs.
Order them to complement your package.

  • Montages


  • Borders

  • Individual Photos


  • Group Photos

  • Digital Packages


  • Multi-Event Packages

  • Multiple Finishes


  • Bag Tags

And much more

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