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Frequently Asked Questions




What should I wear on photo day?

Make sure your clothing/uniform is clean and pressed. Solid colours allow the student to stand out and look great against both solid and busier backgrounds.

Shave if necessary. You may use concealer to cover blemishes but we do offer retouching as well.  Bring a comb or brush and brush your hair just before your photos.

You may want to bring a hair product to tame fly-away hairs. Feel free to wear your glasses – our photographers are trained to reduce glasses glare.

Alternatively, if you have old lens-less frames, you could consider wearing those instead. And most importantly, bring your smile!



Clothing 1
Clothing 2

Can I wear green on photo day?

No. If you are on the proof program, you may not wear any green clothing or accessories including but not limited to:

tops, bottoms, logos, plaid, prints, earrings, hats, jewellery and dyed hair with any green in it.

Our green screen technology does not allow for any exceptions.



Clothing 3

What should I wear for my graduation photo session?

We recommend a dress shirt and tie for the guys, and a white or ivory blouse for the girls.

You may not wear green (see above).

Consider bringing a change of clothes for your modern poses.





What method of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Mastercard, VISA, cheques and money orders. If paying in cash, please provide us the exact amount as we do not provide change.

We do not accept post-dated cheques. All returned cheques are subject to a $45 administrative fee.



Payment 1

Are taxes included in the brochure prices?

Taxes are included in all prices except for Senior Graduation photos.

Taxes and shipping and handling will need to be added to your graduation order, marked by a “Mandatory” field on your order form.



Payment 2

What is the family plan?

The family plan is available to families with 3 or more children in the same immediate family, for elementary and high school schoolday photo orders only. They must all attend schools photographed by Added Touch Photo. You will pay full price for the first two students’ packages and the third and subsequent children’s packages are free. Free packages must be of equal or lesser value. Fill in the Family plan section on the schoolday order form. For schoolday photos only. This plan is not applicable for groups, siblings, grads or any other photo season orders.

Payment 3




Deliver 1

How will my photos be delivered to me and how long will they take?

Generally, photo shoots done through a school or association will be sent back to the administration for delivery in 3-5 weeks.

Our order forms have a “mandatory” field for shipping and handling if this is not the case. Please check the order grid on your order form.

  • Schoolday photo orders are delivered to the school for distribution. Prepay programs will receive their order 3-5 weeks after the photo date.

  • Proof programs will receive their orders 3-5 weeks after the due date marked on the proof.

  • Senior Graduation photos will be mailed directly to you via Canada Post within 3-5 weeks. Please include the shipping and handling fee, marked by the “mandatory” field on the order grid.

  • Online photo orders will be delivered to you by mail via Canada Post within 3-5  weeks.  Please include shipping and handling found on the cart section of your order.



Delivery 2

Can I pick up my photo package?

Yes. We are located in Rockland, 20 minutes east of Orleans. Please call Customer Care (613-446-2195) to make arrangements to pick up your photo order at our office.



Delivery 3

When should I expect to receive my proofs?

Schoolday proofs are delivered to the school within 2-3 weeks. The homeroom teacher will distribute proofs shortly after.





Satisfaction 1

What do I do if I'm not satisfied with my photos?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our photo products and we stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  However, certain things are beyond our control. If there is an upcoming retake date, we invite you to retake your photos. Contact us if you have missed the retake date or one is not offered to find the perfect solution to your situation.


  • On a prepay program, you must return your original photo package to the photographer on the retake date in order to be photographed. The same package will be created from your new photo.


  • On a proof program, you must return your original proof to the photographer on the retake date in order to be photographed. A new proof will be created from the retake session. If your child attends an elementary school we strongly recommend you insert a note for the teacher in your child’s agenda advising them of your retake request.

Satisfaction 2

How do I inquire about the retake date?

You can call our office at 613-446-2195 to learn the scheduled retake date.

Your school may also notify you of the scheduled retake date via announcements, newsletters, agendas or their website.



What do I do if I receive the wrong package or pose?

Please contact our office (613-446-2195) and our Customer Care Representative will be happy to help you out.


We strive for strong customer service relations. We will correct the order as soon as possible.



Satisfaction 3




Why wasn’t my class photo in my photo package?

Class photos are complimentary to all students.

They are not delivered with your photo package but will be distributed to all students by your homeroom teacher separately.



Class Photo 1
Class Photo 2

Will I receive a class group if I was absent?

Yes, class groups are complimentary to all students.



Class Photo 3

Will I receive a class group if I did not order a package?

Yes, class groups are complimentary to all students.






Senior Grads 1

How do I sign up for Grad Photos?

You will receive a date and time notification and information pamphlet from Added Touch with your appointment time.


Please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time on Grad Photo day.



Senior Grads 2

What is included in my Graduation sitting fee?

The sitting fee paid on your Graduation Photo day covers the cost of your photo session, a graduating class composite and multi-pose proof.


You will receive a printed proof that is yours to keep within 3-5 weeks. You will receive the composite of the graduating class at the end of the school year.


The fee does not include a photo package.






Can I order my photos online?

We are currently rolling out our online ordering on a trial basis. If your school or program is included in the trial you will receive notification with your order form. We hope to include more schools soon. 

Online Ordering 1
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